Moving with Care… Everywhere.


The most developed car transportation directions of „MARCI Group“ are Western and Central Europe. We offer not only individual loads, but also long-term contracts for auto transporters recruitments. By working together as a team we take care of loads preparation and cars transportation quality.

Car transportation has a risk, that vehicles have to be delivered for the clients on time and with no damages. To ensure the safety of transported loads they are insured under the International CMR Convention. If it is necessary there is a possibility to insure loads with additional conditions. We care not only for business but also for each of our partners, that's why we cooperate with the most reliable partners. We strive the lower number of damages caring of drivers profesionallity and load condition in loading place.

In order to control the delivery time of loads we use satellite surveillance systems (GPS), which allows to provide operative and accurate information about the location of the loads to the client. The exact loading and unloading time is result of close and mutual cooperation.

We offer these services: